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disable activiti 6.0 authentication

Question asked by on Jul 13, 2018
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we are using Activiti 6.0.0 and developed a case management application. For usertasks, we created another second service, which in turn calls runtime/tasks/taskid, post method to complete the user tasks, but when the second service tries to hit the url, https://localhost:8100/runtime/tasks/taskid post method, it asks for authentication, so it gives 401,


We use our oracle db, for acitiviti tables, instead of inbuild h2 db. when we hit the post url with credentials admin/admin in the headers, it works, but we do not want the basic authentication in 6.0.0.


I tried disabling through, @EnableAutoConfiguration(exclude = {
        org.activiti.spring.boot.SecurityAutoConfiguration.class}) but it didnt work for 6.0, 


Kindly help us to avoid this authentication. Thanks in advance.