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How to update Active Task

Question asked by amruta.w on Jul 17, 2018

Hello All,


I have process as shown below :


Here when i start process i will get report task, here i have button(outcome) on click of "Add Action" button i will move to "sub incident draft task" after performing this task i will click "save & exit" button(outcome) then i move to report task with data using script task(report task will be active) and sub incident draft will be active only, then i move to sub-incident draft task as it is open, then press "submit button" then it will move to "Sub Incident Review Task" here again i will say "save & exit" instead of updating "report task"(which is already active) it re-creates the "report task" once again.


Kindly anyone help me out to resolve this.


Thanks & Regards

Amruta Wandakar