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Signal Event with variables

Question asked by mdtabrezmca on Jul 19, 2018
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I have two process definations "SignalEvent1" and "SignalEvent2" from "SignalEvent1" I am Trying to throws intermediate throwing signal event with signal "SubIncidentAdd" and calling this rest api call with following payload


  "signalName": "SubIncidentAdd",
  "tenantId" : "1",
  "async": false,
  "variables": [
      {"name": "test", "value": "catch the event "}




And in porcess defination "SignalEvent2" i have intermedetiate catching signal event which will catch this event and continue the execution with script task which will just print the variable "test" value.


Please note that i have started both the process definations before using rest api call


I am getting 204 status while trying the above rest api using postman


Please find the attchment of App where i have included both the process definations