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Alfresco DB Update Query in Running Production

Question asked by krutik.jayswal on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by krutik.jayswal

HI ,


I want to update the act_ru_variable table while Alfresco is up and running. I want to update the value of an execution variable. The reason for doing this is , we want to cancel the workflow on the document. The usual "cancel workflow "and "end workflow" command will not work because we have a custom class defined in between and the variable value is coming as "null".Hence it throws an exception

The query is as follows :


Update public.act_ru_variable
set text_='{"workspace://<some value>":"Sample"}' where proc_inst_id_ ='13859' and name_='status';

I have tested this in various up and running environments and the query works fine and I see no issue. I am raising this question to understand the risks associated with this approach before executing this query on up and running production environment.  So the precise questions are :

Q1. What are the risks associated with this approach?
Q2. What all preventive measures I should take before executing this?
Note : Kindly assume that taking an outage in the production is not an option.
Q3. Is there some alternative better approach to achieve this?