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Alfresco approach and design question

Question asked by brijeshnk on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by brijeshnk

Hi there ,


I am new to Alfresco Development . I have few basic question to start with. The following is my project requirement. 


  • I am looking at Alfresco primarily for storing content/documents which are images, text files , HTML and PDF files only. 


  • The above mentioned files are generated dynamically by some other application/process. 


  • I need to do use an APIs to store and retrieve files from Alfresco DMS. 


  • Currently I am using Windows file system to store file with following format



















  1. When I am designing a content storage in Alfresco ,  can I use the same file structure as mentioned above  or is there better way of defining the document folders in alfresco with different approach ?
  2. How is content model definition helps in defining above folder structure in Alfresco DMS? Should I define a content model for the above structure ?
  3. I work in Insurance industry , is there better way to do define this by making use of any insurance specific Alfrescos  feature ?
  4. What’s custom content model ? Should I consider this for the above implementation ?
  5. Is CMIS connector supports for retrieving and creating  files and folder for the above mentioned structure ?
  6. Can I use metadata concept for the above structure , how to define a metadata for the above mentioned requirement ? what all the consideration for implementing meta data in Alfresco ?
  7. Should I define folder structure manually or through java program or XML configuration .


Can some one please provide pointer  or links for the above queries please ?


Thanks a lot