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Login issues with Alfresco 6 CE

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2018

I installed the Alfresco Community Edition using the docker compose file from the following github location


acs-community-deployment/docker-compose.yml at master · Alfresco/acs-community-deployment · GitHub 


With some tinkering with the content store i was able to boot up the alfresco service.  But i am not able to login as admin/admin


I ran the following select and update multiple times and restarted but to no effect.


SELECT anp1.node_id,
FROM alf_node_properties anp1
INNER JOIN alf_qname aq1 ON = anp1.qname_id
INNER JOIN alf_node_properties anp2 ON anp2.node_id = anp1.node_id
INNER JOIN alf_qname aq2 ON = anp2.qname_id
WHERE aq1.local_name = 'password'
AND aq2.local_name = 'username'
AND anp2.string_value = 'admin'

UPDATE alf_node_properties SET string_value='209c6174da490caeb422f3fa5a7ae634' where node_id=4 and qname_id=10;


Can someone help please.  I am really struck.