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Dynamic rendering of Aspects (and its properties) based on a property change in Edit Properties Form?

Question asked by deepak1987 on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by sonakshiagarwal

Hi All,


I'm looking for approaches or Code Samples to customize Edit Properties Form behavior based on a property change.


Consider Aspect A has Property A1 (Dropdown type), and this is shown under Edit Properties Form by default.

When the value of Property A1 is set to 'Charges', then this would drive Aspect C to dynamically appear for additional Properties related to Charges.


And, if the value of A1 is changed from 'Charges' to 'Payments', then Aspect C would be removed and instead Aspect P would appear. So, in other words, the value of a Property under one Aspect drives the dynamic display of one-to-many other Aspects on the Edit Properties form. 


Please provide your thoughts on this with  Code Samples if possible.