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Bootstrap outlook email template - What should be the folder structure?

Question asked by kartech11 on Aug 8, 2018



I am currently using the alfresco outlook plugin to upload documents to Alfresco instance. We are using an email metadata template to specify rules on how to capture metadata information. If a folder has an aspect associated with it, then the rule gets triggered to show up a metadata form to capture information for the uploaded document.


The email metadata template is uploaded to custom content metadata as below
Admin Tools -> Email Client -> Email Metadata Settings -> Custom content metadata.

(The Email metadata template is attached for your reference)


I am now looking to bootstrap this template to a new alfresco instance so that we don't have to manually upload the template. I would like to understand how to specify the folder structure for the file so that it can be bootstrapped as part of my platform jar. 


Based on the node reference for this file in Node Browser (please see NodeBrowser image attached), the path shows up as /sys:system/cm:wps_alfresco_mail_integration/cm:EmailManagerMetadataSettings.xml. 


Please can you advise, what the folder structure should be to bootstrap this file and also where exactly in my platform-jar project should I create the folders (under src/main/resources?)