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Creating a user through code?

Question asked by sepgs2004 on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by ranjeetsi

Here is the requirement.

We have an application with its own set of (native) users, etc. 

We have Alfresco 5.1.0.

Our application interacts with Alfresco for its document maintenance. For all the document operations (index, delete, edit, etc.), we connect with one Alfresco user.

We recently are leveraging the Alfresco node/document comments feature. We are going to allow the application users to add and delete comments. Remember these users are not Alfresco users. These are the users in this application. 

Now, we wanted to record the comments against the user who does the comment, and also to view the user along with the comments in our application.

I am looking for an elegant way to deal with this situation.


One way I could think of is to manually replicate all the users of this application in Alfresco as well.


Other way could be to dynamically create the user (in Alfresco from this application) when needed. These users could be simple users who have access to at least creating comments of nodes/documents under a root folder.

Is this possible? Could you please guide me?


As of now, this application interacts with Alfresco repository using Apache CMIS (for document management) and through Rest API (to access the comments through the existing webscripts).