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Periodic Keycloak auth requests causing ADF UI freezing

Question asked by evanl on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by eugenio_romano

Hi all, I've been exploring use of Keycloak SSO with ADF recently, and have run into a roadblock. I'm running a number of configurations for testing purposes, including both a freshly generated (via Yeoman) basic ADF app, and also the current release of the example content app. While I've found that it's quite straightforward to get a Keycloak config working as per the published references, I'm finding that once I've logged on successfully through Keycloak and the ADF UI has been presented, from that point it will freeze noticeably on a periodic basis (around every 35 to 45 seconds?) as it refreshes authorisation with the Keycloak server. This freeze lasts for at least a couple of seconds. Also, in the case of the example content app, if I've already navigated down somewhere into the document folder structure, this location context is lost as the page refresh results in a return back up to the root level.

In the attached videos, the  ADF Alfresco js api logic within oauth2Auth.js can be seen creating silent_refresh_token_iframe, after which the UI freeze occurs.

This is a problem I've already posted on the ADF Gitter feed, hence I'm looking for help here also. I'm new to the Alfresco world - perhaps this is something I should raise as a fault report? 

Both of these behaviours are quite disruptive in terms of user experience. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem, and if you managed to, how you resolved or worked around it?