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Redirect to a link in alfresco share

Question asked by anuradha@1994 on Aug 17, 2018

I am using Alfresco Community 5.2 & i did something like this.

  1. Created a script file named redirect_editmetadata.js 
  2. Put it into Data Dictionary/Scripts folder
  3. Create a rule for a specific folder named X Folder, in the Shared.
  4. Apply rule to run when a document enter to that folder, & run redirect_editmetadata.js script.


My script is given below

var node1 = userhome.childByNamePath('findNode1.txt');
var nodeRefURL = "" + node1.nodeRef;


I need to know what is the function i can called to redirect that nodeRefURL. I found some methods like,

  • Alfresco.util.navigateTo(nodeRefURL);
  • response.sendRedirect(nodeRefURL);


But those methods are not working. Please help me to find a methods to this.

Thank you.