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What is the best way to integrate or migrate users from client app?

Question asked by sepgs2004 on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by jpotts

From our application, we integrate with Alfresco for document management. There are clients of our application, who has Oracle IP/M, Documentum and other content management systems. So our application has code to integrate with other repositories as well.


Now, our application has its own user management. It is native. Users are stored in the application database. No LDAP or anything. Our application connects with Alfresco through one (alfresco) user for now.


Coming back to Alfresco, we have a custom model defined. It is all working good. 


Recently we were using the Alfresco comments feature using the Rest API. We could have added comments in our own custom model. But we chose to use Alfresco's comments feature. 

1. Now when our application user adds a comment on a document, we want to know which "our application user" added the comment and so on.

2. Also, when an application user updates the metadata properties, then we would like to know which our user updated the properties of the document. 


For 2nd one, we can add two more properties to our custom model (updated by, updated date), and store our application users in there. 

For the 1st one, I do not think we can get away without replicating the users in Alfresco. Or I do not know if we can extend the comments feature, to include another field called application_user. 


Is there a way to make Alfresco call something in our application or database to check for a user? This is along the lines of extending the alfresco users to include external set of users as well.