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Help setting up Alfresco for use as a Home Document Management System

Question asked by katt007 on Aug 23, 2018

Hi there,


I am new to Alfresco and have downloaded the Community edition. I will be using it with Chronoscan to convert of of my paperwork into digital files for storage and quick access using Alfresco.


My question is, how do I set it up to be a DMS where I can separate documents into category's (e.g. Home docs) and them within category's separate it again (e.g. gas bills, electric bills, receipts etc)


Should I use the main alfresco or use the records management section?


How can I index my documents with set attributes such as date, to, from document name etc?


I have managed to get Chronoscan to connect via CMIS but none of the metadata comes through to the documents in alfresco.


I'm just a bit confused, having used iManage in the past I wanted to use Alfresco in a similar waive read a lot of the tutorials for both Alfresco and Chronoscan but there seems to be a Cchunk on how to do this missing.


Any information will help! Thanks in advance.


I'm using this on Windows.