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How to manage external jar with Alfresco SDK 3

Question asked by bcassand on Aug 28, 2018
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I'm using Alfresco SDK 3 with Alfresco 5.2, for extending the Alfresco platform, using maven and the AllInOne archetype.


What I don't manage to see are how are managed the external jar for the platform.


The extension is splitted in several jars that are used by the platform project, using <dependency> in maven (at platform project level). It builds fine, the platform jar is generated, but when deployed using maven and alfresco:run, I don't manage to see where are all my jars that the platform depends on. And obviously tomcat does not find them. In the WEBINF I have the platform jar, but none of the additional jars.


For information the build also generates an amp file for the platform (even if I'm building a jar module), that includes everything (the platform jar and my additional jars). So the build process seems to see them well. It's more the alfresco maven plugin that does not seem to consider them when deploying.


So how to deal with these external jars, when using the SDK and the alfresco maven plugin?