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Accessing to Activiti 6 with default admin user.

Question asked by jorgehortelano on Aug 29, 2018

I know that this question has been answered here multiple times. But the current answers does not solve it to me.

I am trying to access to the Activiti App version 6 (just installed) using the admin account by default. As far as I have read here, the user must be 'admin' and the password 'test'.


In fact, when I install Activiti6 for the firs time, if no user is defined in '' I can see a new row in the database table 'ACT_ID_USER' with the EMAIL_ as 'admin' and PWD_ as 'test'. Then, in fact these must be the login credentials, but I cannot log in. The error of course is 'Invalid credentials'.


Seems that my Activiti App is connected to MySQL, in fact it can create a user if I change the '' correctly, then I discard a configuration error regarding to the JDBC.


My questions:


Is it possible that now the passwords must not be stored as plain text and therefore the default user is incorrectly created? I am not sure if in the community version the passwords are stored as plain text or not.