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Using FTS query within CMIS contains() query

Question asked by kartech11 on Sep 5, 2018

Based on the documentation below I gather that FTS search can be carried out within CMIS query within the CONTAINS() operations.  I want to know if the below is feasible within the contains() operation?


Alfresco Full Text Search Reference | Alfresco Documentation 


Consider the sample case below

For example , I have documents that have below aspects associated to them

I have OrderAspect - has properties orderId, ordername, packageType (BOXES, COVERS)

I have CustomerAspect - has customer name, customer state, customer type, customer id

I have a DiscountAspect - has discount type , discount percentage (can be 5 percent or  10 percent)


How do I construct a FTS query within my CMIS syntax to get all documents that have aspect property values where packageType is 'Boxes (OrderAspect) ,  have customerName as 'Peter' (CustomerAspect) and have been given discount percentage of '5 percentage' (DiscountAspect). 


Please note, I am aware of using JOIN against the aspects to get to the above result, but would like to understand if I can achieve this using FTS within CMIS?