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Service tasks are not persisted in ACT_HI_TASKINST

Question asked by aminaiser on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2019 by afaust

Hello. i am using Activiti v 6. I have a lot of processes that consist of only service tasks. I want to see the variables of these tasks and the values of the variables. But the service tasks are saved only in ACT_HI_ACTINST table and contain null in the column called TASK_ID_. So for now it seems for to be impossible to retrieve variables for service tasks.


Maybe I have misconfigured something in my project? What can be done in my situation? 


P.S. I can retrieve variables ACT_RU_VARIABLE or ACT_HI_VARINST, but they are bound to the process instance, not task. But the variables values are updated at each step. Is it possible to get variables and their values for each service task of the process?