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want to hide "share" link for consumer role

Question asked by monicakumari on Sep 6, 2018


I am trying to override an evaluator. I want to hide "share" link for consumer role. For this, I have created an evaluator by implementing Evaluator and added



      <evaluator id="string-quickshare" class="com.eisenvault.share.evaluator.QuickshareEvaluator" />



in share config.

I want to override <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Social"> with

<config evaluator="string-quickshare" condition="Social" replace="true">.
My evaluator is running as I can see the logs without any exception or error. But somehow its not overriding.
Am I doing wrong or missing something. Anybody have any idea how to do it ? Is there any other way to hide share link for consumer role ?