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How to get event when custom stencil  value changed?

Question asked by dharmraj on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by dvuika

I am using stencil in form . So i created  UI to replace stencil in ADF Form.

FormService.formFieldValueChanged method caling when form input value changed .But Its not calling when custom Stencil value changed . How can i get event when  Value of custom Stencil changed  in ADF Form ?


Ex : Custom Stencil replace with input box  . When Input box value change that time i want to generate event  same like adf form input box value change  that time this event will call



export class TaskAddCommentComponent extends WidgetComponent {



export class TaskDetailComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy, AfterViewInit {


this.formRenderingService.setComponentTypeResolver('muraai_comments', () => TaskAddCommentComponent, true);



IN this component  i want to get event when stencil input box value changed. Is It possible ?