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Workflow details link in task edit form

Question asked by karaman on Sep 11, 2018

I have developed custom advanced workflows and I have a requirement to provide the option to the user to display the workflow details form from the task edit form on request via the click of a link. The use of this is to optionally provide a more comprehensive view of the status of the workflow and its history to the approver of a task.

I have also located the following code from my-tasks.js which is used display the workflow details form in Share.


this.createAction(elCell, this.msg("link.viewWorkflow"), "workflow-view-link", $siteURL('workflow-details?workflowId=' + oRecord.getData('workflowInstance').id + '&' + 'taskId=' + oRecord.getData('id') + '&referrer=tasks&myTasksLinkBack=true'));


I have the following questions:

1. While I have used some of the standard controls on the workflow forms (I am new to Alfresco), I have not seen a standard control providing a link to another form. Is there such control or does it have to be a customized one?

 2. What is the best way to implement the link from the task edit form to the workflow details form described above?