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Exact term full text search on content

Question asked by pcuvecle2 on Sep 12, 2018



I have a text file in Alfresco containing the following :

"En dérogation à l’article 23, alinéa 2, lettres a), d) et e) du règlement d’application, la pêche au moyen de 4 pics de fond au maximum, ayant des mailles d’au moins 80 mm"


If I run the following fts-alfresco searches I get :

cm:content:(fond) >> Returns 1 result >> looks correct, there is the word "fond"

cm:content:(fonds) >> Returns 1 result >> looks correct if we consider that fond is stemmed to fond as this is the plural form

Now If I want to use the exact term mode, according to Search for an exact term | Alfresco Documentation  I need to use = sign. And I get :

cm:content:(=fond) >> Returns 1 result >> Ok I exactly have "fond"

cm:content:(=fonds) >> Returns 1 result >> But here I should get 0 result !


Does it mean that it is not possible to search on exact term on cm:content ?

By looking at the content model, the cm:content is configured to be tokenized only. Is this the reason why ? Can this feature be only used on field like cm:name storing both tokenized and not tokenized content in Solr index ?


Thanks in advance

Using Alfresco 5.1