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Customizing share advanced search?

Question asked by sepgs2004 on Sep 13, 2018

I have a custom type which has a mandatory custom aspect which in turn has a set of custom properties.

Now following an online tutorial, I was able to show up this custom type in the advanced search in Share. When I choose this custom type, I see all the custom properties of the custom aspect showing up for entry. 


Now when I enter a matching value for one of the text properties, it does not find any document. I know there is a matching document. I checked this for many different documents, the search does not (appear to) work and it brings only 0 results. I can search by regular (non-custom) name fields, and it brings results.


I have 4 kinds of properties in my custom set of properties - checkbox, number, text, date.

I filled in search value for only one text field. Checkboxes I did not fill in any search value. 

Is this a problem?

Have any of you had similar issue?