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Custom Share advanced search does not work!

Question asked by sepgs2004 on Sep 13, 2018
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I am following the steps mentioned in the following URL: Working With Custom Content Types in Alfresco

I customized Share tier. 

I have a custom type extending cm:content. This custom type has a mandatory custom aspect which has a set of custom properties.

Now, with the instructions in the online tutorial, I was able to bring my custom type in the Advanced search. Once I choose my custom type, the search form also brings all the custom aspect properties. 

Then when I search by the name of the document, I do not get any results. I know I have document matching the name.

However, if I look for "Content" type documents with the same name search field value, I get the results. 

The same does not work if I look for my custom type documents with the same name field value.

The documents that I have all belong to the custom type.


I do not know if the failure to find search results has anything to do with the checkbox fields. You know if we do not put any values in the checkbox fields, it may be considered no sometimes. Or it might have to do with some other types of fields and their default values.


I do not know if I missed any configuration.