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SSL using letsencrypt/AWS certificate in AWS alfresco community instance

Question asked by on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by cesarista

I have done SSL in a testing environment with certificate purchased from third-party vendor. It was successfully done as per the steps are given in the doc. Configuring SSL for a test environment | Alfresco Documentation 

But, I am facing a problem in implementing SSL in a production environment. (linux)

I have tried with nginx and httpd both.

1. I have to use AWS load balancer with SSL(using Aws certificate) to handle the https request and redirect it to Alfresco server. (done)

2. Alfresco part (repo) is working well with the secured green symbol in the URL but https://myserver/share is not.

3. Share does not allow login, it is redirecting to /dologin page and shows something wrong with this page.


If anyone has done this before, then pls help.