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Bug in Smartfolder 4 Subfolders deep

Question asked by newport-ms on Sep 17, 2018
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We are currently having an Issue with Alfresco Community 5.2 .

When using a Smartfolder inside of a sites Content Library it stops working after navigating 3 layers deep.

Site -> Content Library -> Smartfolder -> Folder -> Folder-> Folder

While the 3rd layer of folder gets shown propperly navigating one deeper breaks it. Instead of showing the 4th folder the breadcrumb still shows the 3rd selected with an empty content.

I tested this on our live system and a fresh install on a dev machine.


The interesting thing is navigating in the sidebar instead of the main window works.

Similarly when navigating from the Repo instead of the Site->Content Library it kind of works.

While it does not display the bug it resolves the actual path of the Folder so instead of 
Repository -> Sites -> {Site001} -> Smartfolder -> Folder -> Folder-> Folder -> Folder
it then shows the path
Repository -> import -> {Site001} -> Folder -> Folder-> Folder -> Folder


Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong, is this an actual Issue with Alfresco, or maybe are we doing something wrong with our configuration/smartfolders?


I tried searching for this issue but had no luck, not finding any mention of something similiar, which makes me think that maybe I overlooked something. 


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