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adf-viewer causes 401 after deploy

Question asked by d.moeyersons on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by dvuika

When I deploy my app to my webserver (Tomcat v7.0.59) when I try to preview any document (with adf-viewer), the document viewer doesn't show it and the console log shows a 401 error like this:

GET 401 (Unauthorized)

The link works if i copy it and open it in a new browser window. In development mode (npm run start) all the previews work fine. I only get a 401 on previews. CORS is configured and working fine, I get no CORS errors either.
The problem started after i updated my app from ADF v2.4.0 to v2.5.0
If i make a new ADF 2.5.0 app, and deploy it without code changes, i get the same problem.
Does anyone else have this experience or have an idea what could cause this?