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Obtain data list properties from external services

Question asked by jeaolucas on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by jpotts

I using Alfresco comunitty to obtain a implemetation of a ECM service.

I use the data model to define mi metadata for files in the Alfresco repository, in this model have a lot of datalist to obtein from a catalogs in external service with a db in external source (no Alfresco db). 

I require to obtain a list of diferent metadata from model but this list come from external service exposed via db to put the información in the repository when sabe the information by id, an then view the information in the share view with the description of the catalog an not for the id in the metadata.


This because the catalogs of this data is upgrade every 6 months an then when I try to show cant show becose the information can stay in Alfresco.


Can any one can do this in Alfresco repository  5.2 ce.