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I can't show folder AVM with FTP client

Question asked by iamri on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by jpotts

The basic of customizing the dashboard layout of the existing users was that there must be a file that has the details of the dashboard layouts and dashlets to be called when the dashboard is loaded for the first time. I want to let alfresco ignore that file and use the settings defined in presets.xml file.

I were define our desired dashboard layouts and desired dashlets in the presets.

there is file which holds the details of the dashboard layouts for the existing users and the existing sites is dashboard.xml and this file can be accessed with ftp through AVM.


The goal is to delete its files and import the dashlet layout and dashlets from the presets.xml file.

My problem is when I type the link ftp: // {server-name} in the navigation bar, then I connect, normally there are two folders that appear (Alfresco, AVM) in my case the folder AVM does not appear, I do not know where is the problem


please, help me  .

i use alfresco 5.2