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Multi-instance call activity dependencies

Question asked by addyhow on Sep 18, 2018



So I have this need to implement PARALLEL multi-instance call activity in my project.

This call activity runs on a collection of items (it 'creates' those items), but these items depend on each other's existence in some way, meaning that one subprocess has to finish before another one starts, BUT for items that do not depend on any other item, the execution should happen in parallel.


The situation is such that some instances should begin execution in parallel and some should do some polling to wait for the other(s) to complete in order for them to start (which in turn might trigger something else to start).

Now, this 'waiting' could be implemented in the subprocess before any tasks take place, implementing the 'wait' task before others. This means all subprocesses are going to start execution in parallel, but some will not get past this 'wait' task, and just repeatedly check if the items it depends on are completed. The problem is how to check if the whole process of an item is completed? The item is created mid-process, but there are other tasks that should still complete to consider this item fully created. Meaning I cannot check if it is created, because that would not mean the process has ended.


1. Is there some design in flowable, which can help me achieve something like this by design?

2. What are my options, here? Is there a neater way to achieve this?


Thank you