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How to limit view-renderer to document / folder (using evaluator?)

Question asked by riddellg on Sep 21, 2018

Hi, I have a custom DocumentListTableViewRenderer working fine, configured in share-config-custom.xml as follows:


Right now this view-renderer kicks in for all folders in the document library. The folder leafs are "policy" numbers which have specific attributes that I display in the custom document list table view renderer.  But I have one leg of the document library folder tree that is oriented towards "client" information that does not have those policy attributes and I'd like to configure a different document library view to show when viewing a "client" folder.


Is that possible? I'm wondering if there's a way to put an "evaluator" expression on the view renderer xml, so depending on the folder in focus we'd show one view vs another.


My view-renderer as defined in share-custom-config.xml (using the 3.0 SDK) looks like this right now, I'm wondering if an evaluator is supported on the view-renderer xml node:

<config evaluator="string-compare" replace="true" condition="DocumentLibraryViews">

<!-- Override table view -->


<view-renderer id="table" iconClass="table" label="Bonds table view" index="50" widget="Alfresco.DocumentListTableViewRenderer">


<js src="components/documentlibrary/documentlist-view-detailed.js" />

<js src="components/documentlibrary/documentlist-view-table.js" />

<js src="components/common/common-component-style-filter-chain.js" />

<css src="components/documentlibrary/documentlist-view-table.css" />




"actions": {

"show": "true"

}, ........