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Does activiti support 'listening' for a delegated task to be resolved?

Question asked by jkochocki on Sep 27, 2018

Background: have a user task that is intended to be completed on our front end with some information indicating whether or not a new user task is required.  At the time a user task is being completed, there is an assignee.  Therefore, a POST: .../runtime/tasks/{taskId} with 


    "action": "complete",

    "variables": [...]



is returning an exception: "A delegated task cannot be completed, but should be resolved instead."


On my user task definition, I have implemented a taskListener to wait for the complete event and parse the task variables for the information that will determine if a follow-up task is to be created.   Now I see that I need to resolve the task before it can be completed, but this means that my taskListener does not have a triggering event.  Implementing a system task with a java delegate class does not seem to work, as it is still waiting for the completion of the user task in process execution.  Is there any means for me 'listen' for the resolve action of the user task so that I may proceed?