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In Eclipse M2E, error in using Alfresco Maven SDK to create custom model AMPs

Question asked by sepgs2004 on Sep 28, 2018
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I would like to create AMP files for my custom model.

I have been following Jeff Pott's article in doing so. I apologize to use Jeff's name here. No wrong intention.


I had been successfully creating custom AMPs for our models. All these time, I was doing kind of command line maven approach.


Now, I wanted to do the same using Eclipse IDE. This is easier to check in and out our project in Git.


I have Eclipse Oxygen 2. It has M2E plugin installed in this. May be the plugin was already there.


In this IDE, I created a maven project with archetype: alfresco-allinone-archetype

In this project, after creating my model xml, and registering the same with the Spring bean, I ran Eclipse "Run As"  'mvn install'. I did this on the platform-jar folder (to create the repo-tier AMP).

Under the project, in my platform-jar, in the pom.xml, I also have the maven-assembly-plugin uncommented as recommended by the article.

It rather created a JAR file in the target folder. 


When I open the pom.xml, I see this error on the <parent>. 

Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.zeroturnaround:jrebel-maven-plugin:1.1.6:generate (execution: generate-rebel-xml, phase: process-resources)


In the parent pom, I was taken to this location upon clicking a suggestion. Here is the extract.


<!-- Hot reloading with JRebel -->



There appears to be two issues for me. I do not know if they are related. 

1. I could not get the AMP file. I got only the JAR file.

2. This jrebel plugin related error