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Activiti config changes not reflecting in Azure Kubernetes cluster

Question asked by swapnilg on Oct 2, 2018

We are facing an issue in deploying the changes in the property files for Activiti WARS on Kubernetes environment. Please provide a suggestion.


I have a use case where I am using the open source Activiti components (Activiti REST API application, Activiti Admin) and deployed them on the Azure Kubernetes Service clusters. As a backend database, I am using one Azure's SQL Database (Azure PaaS database) to store the metadata for Activiti REST API application and another Azure's SQL database for Activiti Admin.


We are able to deploy the containerized Activiti components successfully in the clusters using Jenkins pipelines as a part of infrastrcuture CI/CD. However we are not able achieve the following aspects.


  1. Any changes in the configuration for the activiti applications ( and for Activiti Admin and Activiti REST API application) do not reflect the equivalent changes in related databases.
  2. In case of Activiti Admin, Activiti configuration for REST endpoint always shows the IP address in the database where it is expected to use a configuration mentioned in the configuration file (