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How to segment data within a custom data list to different sites?

Question asked by on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by clarabova

We have a large custom data list on Alfresco Share. We also have 4 different sites, and each site has unique users. We'd like each site to be able to view and edit a portion of the data from the main custom data list, and not have them be able to access or view the portions of data that has been assigned to the other sites. 


Within the custom data list there is a column that specifies which site should be managing the data. We need a way to be able to filter the data to each site by the values in this column, so that each site only sees and has access to the data that has been assigned to them (by filter I mean a 'behind the scenes' filter that filters automatically, not a filter that requires a user to make a selection). 


For a number of reasons we'd prefer not to physically split the data into independant lists on each site, we'd like to keep one main datalist, and filter it per site, if this is even possible. 


We're using Alfresco Community Edition 5.2. Thanks in advance for any suggestions for the best approach to this problem.