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Duplicated sites with different title, same node

Question asked by calin.chiper on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by afaust

Recently I found a strange behavior in Alfresco. I reproduced the behavior when logged in ADF application on Internet Explorer changed the name of a site then logged in Chrome/Firefox and the changes can't be seen. I query the database using the following query:

       n.store_id AS "Store ID",
       n.uuid AS "Site ID (UUID)",
       p.string_value AS "Site Name",
       p1.string_value AS "Site Description",
       p2.string_value AS "Site Visibility",
       n.audit_created AS "Creation Date",
       n.audit_modified AS "Modification Date"
FROM alf_node AS n,
  alf_node_properties AS p,
  alf_node_properties AS p1,
  alf_node_properties AS p2,
  alf_qname AS q
      AND p.qname_id IN (SELECT id FROM alf_qname WHERE local_name='name')
      AND p1.qname_id IN (SELECT id FROM alf_qname WHERE local_name='description')
      AND p2.qname_id IN (SELECT id FROM alf_qname WHERE local_name='siteVisibility')
      AND q.local_name='site';

The results are:


The first two rows are the same with the same Site ShortName and same Node Id. The only things that are different is the Site Title.


What can be the cause ? How can be fixed?