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How to customize share URL of a document

Question asked by mehar460 on Oct 12, 2018

I am trying to customize the share URL of a document as below.


http://10.XX13.XX:8080/alfresco/s/api/path/content/workspace/SpacesStore//Sites/mks/documentLibrary/5 Star/Creating new custom types - Alfresco.pdf 


URL format: Alfresco Context_Site_Document_Library_Folder-Structure_Document-name


instead of 




When debugged further found that the share URL in the document section is set same as the URL in the browser.

File: document-links.js

Code Snippet:   Dom.get( + "-page").value = document.location.href;


Please suggest on  how to proceed further?


1. Should i override the share document-links.js to get the absolute URL with folder structure ( i don't know as of now, still researching)


2. Any other effective way possible?


3. How to extend the share components in the path (<alf_home>\tomcat\webapps\share\components)?