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LDAP authentication integration Community Edition 6.0.x

Question asked by wutwat0 on Oct 15, 2018
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I have some questions regarding LDAP authentication with Community Edition 6.0.x

We have actually a server running version 5.0 with local user authentication which I want to upgrade to 6.0.x. Up to this point no problem, backup/restores, docker with Mariadb, all of that no problem, or I got around them.

My problem is with LDAP authentication: I want to use Samba AD users to log in with Alfresco, I got no problem with that, alfresco<->LDAP sync with different user parameters. 

BUT, what I wanted to is to switch from local user to LDAP user, I would like to migrate these local users to the LDAP users or "sync" them


Is this possible? How do I do that?