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Signal process: Signal million process Async

Question asked by anmanhas12 on Oct 18, 2018

I am new to Activiti and found this tool to be very useful. but need help

Scenario :

I have use case where i need to create million of process in one go and start these process. Then all these process will wait of Signal/Message from outside system on the data that it needs to work with. Once the data is received it will process the data and then move to next task.


I am using SpringBoot Application for this


I have used catch signal for this scenario.



I need to know if there is better way to do this. Also if there is way in which the signal is sent to many process simultaneously. I know signal works as pub-sub but i see that its processing the activiti process one by one. 


I tried using:


But doesnot seems to work not sure why.

Need help.

Thanks in Advance