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How to set hybridEnabled true in DbOrIndexSwitchingQueryLanguage alfresco solr?

Question asked by devkinandanchauhan on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by afaust

Using Alfresco Community - 5.0.0 version.


Use Case: For fetching documents we want to query Solr first then DB.


First I've tried below properties in file:


After the above changes, I was able to see logs that it was using Solr to execute Query and getting all the documents. But for some specific query, it returned no records.


So, for fixing above specific scenario, I've changed these from EVENTUAL to HYBRID.


After these changes, there were no logs related to Solr or DB query and not getting any documents on UI.


After seeing the code of the DbOrIndexSwitchingQueryLanguage class, found that hybridEnabled attribute should be true for executing this case.
Can anybody suggest me how to set hybridEnabled true if this fixes my problem or suggest anything else to resolve my use case?