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Edit Offline not showing Upload new version button

Question asked by alfreslover on Oct 23, 2018
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I'ts my firts post here. Thank's in advance.


I have this scenario:


alfresco-aos-module' version 1.1.6.

alfresco-share-services' version 5.2.0

alfresco-login-reset-repo' version 1.1' version 3.0.4.

org_alfresco_module_wcmquickstart' version 5.2.f.

alfresco-share-services' version 5.2.0.


When i edit a document with Edit Offline option in Alfresco Share / Document Library. The message: The document is locked appears, and Version history disappear (good by now), and the document is downloaded locally. But the button Upload New Version don't appear and i can't do it nothing i try to find info about my problem with no luck.


Please, anybody knows what happens to my edit offline option ?


Thank you.