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Decision between Process Services and Activiti

Question asked by onkovic on Oct 25, 2018

Dear Alfresco Community,


we are right now in the process of evaluating whether we should use Alfresco Process Services or Activiti as our main tool to manage our business workflows. However, even though both products are quite similar, we don't find a lot of information on specific topics regarding Alfresco Process Services. Our main questions are:


  • Does Process Services 1.9 run as a Spring Boot application (like Activiti 6 does) and will the next version do so as well?
  • What does the Share Connector exactly do? Does is just simplify user authentification between Content Management and Process Services, or does it provide additional methods to store data to and retrieve data from Content Management via Process Services?
  • Process Services offers the REST-API endpoint "enterprise/content". I assume content sent to this endpoint is stored in the database of Process Services. Is there an out-of-the-box solution to store it directly in Alfresco Content Management instead?


If anyone could help us with an answer to these questions or point us in the right directions, we would really appreciate it.


Thank you very much!