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Alfresco Process Services and Analytics and Reports

Question asked by mdtabrezmca on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by mdtabrezmca

I have few questions on alfresco APS analytics and Alfresco Search and Insights engine

1.In APS we dont have report creater/report designer can we use something like alfresco ECM analytics(AAAR)?
2.APS uses elastic search for indexing its data for every event. Which BI tool will be most suitable for APS considering customized reports and dashbords to be created using report designer/report creater by system admins.
3.How alfresco insights will be useful in creating customized reports using report creater considering its stack(tableau,qlik,zappalin) which BI tool will be better to choose for  data connector?
4.Are you indexing the APS events data in solr directly ?
5.Can Alfresco insights be embedded with APS?
6.Any final release date for alfresco search and insights engine?


Paul Roth Need your valuable inputs.