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Filteroptions getting own Type

Question asked by jriedl17 on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by afaust

Hello Guys,


I have created my own type called "ticket". In my Type Ticket there are some subfolders which you can see here:

In the "Ticket" subfolder i store tickets which later I want to list in an overview as you can see here:


My Problem is, that there can be very much tickets but I don't want to load them all, so I want to filter the tickets for the last month and give that option to the API.


I have researched a lot until now but i haven't found a real solution due to that problem. So have you any Idea how to give the Alfresco-API some filterpredicates for my own type for giving back only the objects which parse the filter?


Thanks in advance.