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Find users who have access to folders and also all folders a user has access to?

Question asked by kartech11 on Nov 6, 2018


I am trying to get all the permission a user has on a site and folders within the sites. I have setup some users as a Consumer at the site, and I have given them Collaborator access at the folder level. 


I am able to use the alfresco REST service to get all the users in a group, using the people API from Alfresco Content Services REST API Explorer . The groups above each confirm to site level collaborator, consumer, contributor, manager groups.  


1.How can I get what permission a user have at folder levels? Is there a generic query I can call via REST to get all permissions a user have or atleast all folders the user has access to and can I link back the folder to the site?


2. Is there an API that will get all user permissions to a folder?