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How to assign the current step rejected task to previous step assigned user using listener

Question asked by rahiakela on Nov 14, 2018

I want to assigned the current step rejected task to the previous assigned user that was worked on this task using custom task listener.


This is the workflow that depict the problem situation.

Whenever any task is rejected in "QC" step, I want the rejected task must be assigned automatically to previous assigned user who worked on "Abstraction" step.


Note: By default, all task are assigned to predefined group. We can not change it user based assignment.


And these are the implementation steps:

1- I have created a task listener that execute on "create" event of "Abstraction" step

2- This listener call a REST API that return the previous assigned user id

3- Then this listener call another REST API using current task id and the previous assigned user id.

4- The second REST API is executed by admin user that  internally claim the task himself and assign the task to   the previous assigned user id.


But we are getting the below error:

Please help me what should I do or there is other approach for this problem ?