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Are Aikau widgets suitable for Share Form controls?

Question asked by iblanco on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by iblanco

I'm trying to create a custom control for Share forms. Controls are just an ".ftl" file so there is no webscript controller where you could define your Aikau model. @ddraper Is Aikau the right tool for this?


So fra I have created a custom Dojo templated widget and there I require the Aikau components I need and instantiate them in order to be places inside my widget. After all Aikau Widgets are Dojo Widgets, aren't they?


It works right for AlfButton, and I've even been able to publish a payload that creates a dialgo through the DialogService.


But with AlfList I'm facing a problem. The list seems to work but the required CSS related to the list are not loaded. I suspect that this might be related to the way CSS dependencies are resolved, they probable are evaluated when parsing the model so "manual" instantiation of Aikau Widgets does not get the required CSS. Am I right?