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Web service unable to start, error in catalina.log file

Question asked by erichkey on Nov 19, 2018

I have made a clean installed alfresco community edition (201707) on Centos 7 1708 with. We have an Alfresco server running already but wish to install a new updates version and move the data.


After completing the installation I changed the Web Server Domain to a pre-configured DNS with our company's domain (not sure if this caused the issue) but after the installation was done, I was unable to reach the webpage http://localhost:8080/share. We have a rule on the firewall so that there would be no need for the ":8080/share" instead jsut using http://localhost .


After going through some forums I found that the errors resides in the catalina log file but was unable to find a way to resolve the issue.


Log is attached but here is an example of what I'm getting at.



Thank you in advance for any assistance.