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How to get started with establishing workflows?

Question asked by tasse007 on Nov 23, 2018

Hello community,


I make a presentation for my university and want to show how to create a workflow with the help of acitviti.


I have installed the activiti eclipse plugin already and know how BPMN modelling works. 

Next step would be finding out how to implement a workflow from an BPMN modelled example process.


1.) Which documentations or tutorials (doesn't matter if from alfresco or any other source) would you recommend to me?

I am a beginner in workflow creation and implementation and have basic knowledge of programming. 


2.) Also I want to know which web application I should use in connection with the eclipse plugin (I already installed Alfresco Process Services (APS), but I don't know if APS works for workflows which have been created in eclipse. Maybe there is a better matching free product of Alfresco/Activiti.)


Thank you in advance.


Best regards