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Incremental custom model

Question asked by javiercasfer on Nov 23, 2018
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I'm new at Alfresco and, after Googled alot, i have no solution to my current problem. 


My situation is that i have custom content model xml file and a cmm file for that model, both generated by a java application. First time is generated, i deploy the zip file to alfresco, activate the model and use bulk import tool to upload all my documents wich types are on that model. 


After a month, i repeat the process, the java application generates new model wich may have same types as the last model, and may have new with new properties. Now, i want to update the old model adding new types and properties wich are on the new model generated. Of course, I can't  deactivate the old model or add those new properties manually. 

So, what i need is a mechanism to have an active incremental custom model.

My questions are:  

   - What options do i have?

   - Really can i do that?

I'm using Alfresco Community version. 

Thanks in advice!


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