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Alfresco YUI2 Paginator docmentlist.js  - rowsPerPageOptions won't update content

Question asked by phivuu-2 on Nov 27, 2018

I've added rowsPerPageOptions in the documentlist.js file so that a user can customize how many items will be shown in the list in the Repository Browser. However, the content won't be updated until I press the page buttons. I want the content to be updated when selecting a limit from the rowsPerPageOptions drop down list.


YUI Library Examples: Paginator: Configuring the Paginator 

This example uses a data table so it's a little different but when selecting a new page size, the content will be updated.


This line of code causes handlePagination to be called 

this.widgets.paginator.subscribe("changeRequest", handlePagination, this);
I can see that the state object supplied to this function has updated rowsPerPage and records.